Inspection & Windstorm Certification Services

SETE also provides inspections and windstorm services for new structions or exisitng structures that need repairs or are adding new components such as windows, roofs, doors, and etc. SETE can provide the correct wind pressurs for all new components to ensure the components meet the correct wind pressure requirements for you area, whether you’re in an Inland II Zone (110 mph), Inland I Zone (120 mph), or Seaword Zone (130 mph).

All new windstorm projects will be engineered according to their location.

New Windstorm Packages and Certification’s Include:

  • Review Construction Documents/ Architectural Documents
  • Inspection Requirements
  • Foundation Design and Details
  • Diaphragm Design
  • Framing Connection Load and Anchoring
  • Component and Cladding Pressures
  • Shear wall/ Hold Down Design and Details
  • Framing Requirements (such as beams, stud size, ceiling joist size, rafter size, header size etc)
  • Res-check/Com-check (unless needed)

Any questions about the plans from the owner/contractor can be answered by the Engineer prior to construction to ensure there is no confusion. All inspection times are listed on the 1st page of the drawings. It is very important SETE must be called for each inspection time listed on that sheet, to ensure every phase of the project is passed prior to moving on to the next phase. Each typical residence requires (6-7) inspections, although this could vary from house to house. Each individual component inspection typically requires (2) inspections. Call if you have any questions.

Once all inspections are passed, SETE will certify the Structure/Component with the Texas Department of Insurance by filling out a WPI-2. Once that form is filled out and sent in to TDI. the Texas Department of Insurance will certify that structure or component. It shall be noted that TDI is very choosy in the wording on the WPI-1 and WPI-2, so make sure SETE has the correct information for all the projects, so the certification is not delayed.

All the components will be required to have the required documentation attached. All windows must have an AAMA label, WDMA label, or a NAMI label. The required label will be determined by which certification/testing agency certified the window. It shall be noted typically “white” labels are not correct stickers. Doors have similar labeling, but it does vary from door to door. All roof components must be approved for the appropriate wind pressures as specified for you area. All siding components must be approved for the appropriate wind pressures as specified for you area. It shall be noted receipts will be required for all about components and each component must be installed per the manufacturer installation instructions, the Texas Department of Insurance Product Approval, or a valid test report.

Inspection Services
  • Structural Building Inspections
  • Structural Assessments of Wood Structures
  • Structural Assessments of Concrete Structures
  • Structural Assessments of Steel Structures
  • Framing Inspections
  • Window Inspections
  • Siding Inspections
  • Door Inspections
  • Roof Inspections
Windstorm Certification Services (WPI-8 Certificate)
  • New Structures
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Siding
  • Roofs

Additional Services

  • V-zone letters
  • A-zone letters
  • Breakaway wall letters
  • Framing/Foundation/Etc. letters required by Cities
  • Res-Check Calculations
  • Com-Check Calculations

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