Foundation Services

  • Piling Foundation
  • Pier & Beam Foundations
  • Slab-on-Grade
  • Post Tension Slabs
  • Elevated Concrete Foundations (Structural Slab)

Southeast Texas Engineering & Inspections, LLC can provide your project with the most economical and feasible foundation for your patricular project.

All concrete slab foundations meet the requirements set forth by the American Concrete Institutes (ACI 318-05). All concrete foundations are designed according to one of the following documents:

  • American Concrete Institute (ACI 318-05)
  • Wire Reinforcement Institute “Design of Slab-On-Grade Foundations”
  • Post-Tensioning Institute “Design of Post Tensioned Slabs-on-Grade”, 3rd Addition

All Wood Piling Foundations and Wood Pier & Beam Foundations are designed using Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA 550) “Recommended Residential Construction for the Gulf Coast”. SETE has an in-house program that calculates the embedment of the pilings and the allowable height of the pilings to ensure that every piling foundation is adequate for each job. Most engineers along the Gulf during a storm. It is very critical that the engineer designs the foundation in a A-zone of V-zone. A-zone is a zone that has moving water, while V-zone is a zone, which has breaking waves. V-zones cause major erosion and scour along the beaches during high wind and water events. It is also possible to get erosion and scour in an A-zone, in coastal areas. If you are along the coast and building a new elevated structure, be suspicious of engineers using the old “50/50” rule. This rule DOES NOT WORK. There are a lot of other variables that contribute to the design of a piling foundation.